Guitar Lessons, Clubs, Gradings and more

The Guitar Ninja clubs are a fun and social way to learn to play guitar. With a mixture of finger warm ups, songs, challenges and games, our students have so much fun they don’t even realise how much they’re learning. Our clubs are designed to develop not just musical talent, but confidence and stage presences as well. There are a range of clubs aimed at different levels and ages so everyone can feel comfortable rocking with others at the same level, that have the same goals.

Each member works towards an end of season performance and towards their next grade. The performances are on a real stage with lighting and backing music to give a real performance experience. These are ticketed events so family and friends can come along to support their trainee ninjas and see how much they have learned.

The Guitar Ninja Gradings

guitar ninja - guitar straps

Just like a real ninja would grade through coloured martial arts belts, our ninjas grade through coloured guitar straps. 

Show your skills in all 4 disciplines of guitar. Knowledge, Ability to play/perform, Techniques and Reading to progress through the colours to reach the almighty black strap.

Each strap shows a new level of understanding and has been designed to give every trainee ninja a clear set of skills and knowledge to work towards at all levels.

Gradings are available to all members of the clubs, and booked in advance with your tutor/sensei.

The Team

Our head tutor is Rory Price, Known in the music world as Rorz UK. He has over 13 years experience teaching and 15 years experience performing. He has toured with bands, as a solo act and been involved in many side projects.

Rorz has now dedicated his experience and passion towards teaching. With a Fully Enhanced DBS, all the equipment required and the patience to work with anyone, making him the ideal tutor for everyone. 

To find out more about the clubs run by Rorz please CLICK HERE

Rorz UK - head guitar tutor



"Great and fun way to learn guitar worth every penny and you end up progressing so fast definitely worth checking out if you want to learn guitar"
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Dan Knight
Professional Musician
"I had never held a guitar before when I went to my first guitar club and I was pretty nervous but Rory calmed me down and was so patient explaining the basics a few times until they started to sink in and even though I was a complete beginner I've never felt out of place amongst the other members, everyone has so much fun and no matter what skill level learn something each time. I've also never been made to feel bad for practicing between clubs, although maybe that's not a good thing :-D!"
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Elizabeth De Boer
Makeup sales person
"Great teacher! Started taking lessons last April and I've enjoyed every one to one lesson I've had. Very knowledgeable and has broken down everything I've needed him to so that I understand fully. The grading system is very well structured and you always have something to aim for which is great. Highly recommend!!"
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Nathan Gallagher
Electrical Engineer


"The Guitar Ninja was a great choice for my 6 year old as Rorz is super patient and relaxed with him and makes sure that he keeps things fun and different whilst he is getting to grips with the basics. Rorz has a clear passion for music which comes across in his lessons and he tailors his approach to meet each student. My son is currently trying to master the ukulele but is already looking forward to moving up to be a proper guitar ninja when his hands are a bit bigger!"
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Sarah Brinkley
Mother of student
"Rory has been teaching my 9 year old daughter for about a year now, she is very relaxed and comfortable around him. He's a brilliant teacher and a lovely person. She enjoys being around him and always looks forward to her lessons. Highly recommend to anyone of any age. "
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Zoe Battams
Mother of student
"Rory is brilliant with my 2 sons.. they were doing a lesson together, but it was suggested to separate them.. this has worked much better. My eldest is doing great.. My youngest does the kids guitar club at The Duke now.. he's better suited to this and enjoying it.. he wants to be a rock star!!"
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Alice Reynolds
Mother of two students
"I would highly recommend The Guitar Ninja lessons. My son really enjoys them & has learnt so much from these lessons. I love listening to him practicing on his guitar"
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Gill Hayman
Mother of student
"Great concept, great teacher, highly recommended. go for the free trial, nothing to lose, and you will go back."
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Joseph Wheeler
Father of student