Free Guitar Lesson and Tips – Ninja News #003

Free Guitar Lesson and Tips – Ninja News #003

Free Guitar Lesson – The Guitar Ninja News Letter – October 2019


October 2019 – Ninja News #003

Hey Ninjas. With the amount of great feedback we have had  on these blogs/newsletters we plan to get a new post out every month with fresh content about weird guitars, tabs to have a go with and more.

Everything has been made bitesized and easy to digest and with a clear contents list so you can skip to the import bits or the bits you find most fun. Please note that the “Ninja News” and “Dates for the diary” sections may have important information regarding your lesson so even if you skip the fun bits, it would be worth a skim through the last few sections.

Have fun reading.


  1. Weird Guitars
  2. All the gear, with some idea
  3. Quick tips (practice tips)
  4. Guitarists you should know
  5. Quick licks
  6. Check them out!
  7. Finger Twisters
  8. Ninja News (Student achievements and more) 
  9. Dates for the Diary

Weird Guitars

This month’s weird guitar is Based on the “Guitar of Waves” featured in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, the Jackson 7 string Zoraxe guitar was handcrafted by Dan Lawrence who works in the Jackson Custom Shop. Only three of these guitars were ever made, and they were given away as competition prizes in the old Nintendo magazines back in 2000. number 1 is now for sale with an estimated £16,000 sale price!

All The Gear, With Some Idea

This may have one foot in the ‘weird guitar’ camp because of it’s odd shape but it’s an awesome guitar all the same!

Built by Dean guitars in 1977 along with the Dean Cadillac and their take on the flying V, it sports a V shaped headstock along with a V shaped tailpiece. The extra horn that’s featured below the neck is to help with upper fret access and to rest on the users leg better when they are sat down.

The name “ML” comes from using the initials of Matthew Lynn, a friend of Dean Zellinsky (then owner of Dean Guitars) who passed away of cancer just before the guitars launch. The ML is still in production today and features dual humbuckers, two volume knobs, but unlike last month’s Les Paul only features one tone knob for both pickups. Most factory models also come with a Floyd Rose tremolo bridge system for those heavy metal dive bombs!

Notable players have included Wayne Static from Static X as well as the guitarists from Trivium, however there is no denying that the guitars most famous user is none other than Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell. 

Guest written by – Chris Ward

Free Guitar Lesson

Guitarists You Should Know

Angus Young

Angus Young

AC/DC’s Angus Young was born in 1955 on the 31st of March and is one of the few famous guitarists to come from Australia. He is the lead guitarist, main songwriter and only consistent member of AC/DC which formed in 1973.

Even though it’s his brother Malcolm Young that wrote the majority of AC/DC’s most popular riffs, thanks to his amazing blues/rock lead guitar work, electric live performances (including his own variation of Chuck Berry’s ‘duck walk’) and, perhaps most famously, wearing a school uniform on stage Angus has always stood out between the two brothers.

While not being known as a master shredder, there is no denying that Young’s guitar work has some great feel, phrasing and memorable licks, just check out the intro to ‘Thunderstruck’ below for proof! What’s interesting about Angus Young is that in his 50 plus year career with AC/DC he’s stuck with pretty much the same gear. He has always used a Gibson SG as his main guitar, going so far as having a signature SG created in collaboration with Gibson. Also he has always used Marshall amplifiers, with his main one being a 1959 100 watt Super Lead Plexi head.

The important thing to remember with AC/DC’s sound is that it’s less about gain and more about volume!

Recommended listening: Thunderstruck (The Razors Edge, 1990)


Guest written by – Chris Ward

Free Guitar Lesson

Quick Licks

Free Guitar Lesson – “Quick Licks” are short pieces designed with each note to be played at the same speed. Start slow and build up the speed a little with each run through. These are designed to help you get quicker and build finger dexterity.

Arpeggio in threes


Check 'em Out!

This section is dedicated to lesser known artists that have some real talent or an unusual way of looking at the guitar.

 Jim Clark

This time check out BIMM tutor and blues/jazz fusion guitarist Jim Clark. His seamless blend of jazz, blues and shred licks is what makes Jim such a great player as well as his phrasing, filling space and creating gaps in his licks when needed. Below you can check him out improvising for a guitar FX demo.

Check out!: Jim Clark – GGEffects 201 Booster

Guest written by – Chris Ward

Free Guitar Lesson

Finger Twisters

Our Finger Twisters are designed to get those pinkies moving. This one is is all about similar shapes that change. This is the first real finger twister for this segment. this isn’t split into bars but instead into easy to read chunks. For each section/chunk start with the index finger and try to keep as close to one finger per fret as you can. start slow and get the notes rights, then build up the speed until it sounds crazy good!

Ninja News

Exciting things have been happening as always and more exciting things to come up.

Northampton guitar show went so well. We had an amazing stand with loads of interest from such a range of guitarists. Thank you to everyone who came along to say hi as well. and to all the new trainee ninjas that signed up on thew day

Both Northampton and Leighton Buzzard clubs are picking up and some sessions are reaching maximum capacity!

The Updated mini shop has loads of new products available including some top end brands.

In these newsletters we will be announcing our graded students for the last month. This month we have seen the following students pass their grades:

  • Harry Bliss – White Strap
  • Penny Briggs – White Strap
  • Nicole Hodgson – White Strap
  • Evan Winfield – Yellow Strap
  • Dom Hayman – Blue Strap

In Other News Aidan performed at his first open mic night and sung on stage for the first time ever. His vocals are on point and if you see him performing anywhere near, so check him out.

Sebastians band played a festival in Ampthill. The performance was amazing. all members enjoyed themselves and seemed comfortable on stage. A load of talent from every member. Well worth a listen!

I (Rory) Will be taking part in a song writing competition in Brafield-on-the-green on Sunday 20th October. Doors open to the public at 3pm.

Dates For The Diary


  • Sunday 20th October – Rory is taking part in a song writing contest in Brafield on The Green.

  • Sunday 10th November – Guitar Show in Milton Keynes at the MK Dons ground loads of guitar stalls, live performances, plenty to see, do and learn

  • Every Saturday – Northampton Guitar Club – First entry free


  • Every Monday – Leighton Buzzard Guitar Club – First entry free

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