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Hey ninjas. Though the Guitar Courses are still in production, there is still plenty of things to work on. The finger Warm ups are designed to get the fingers moving with great speed, control and strength and flexibility. Once you are warmed up, head over to the scale sheets and work on getting that next scale down to memory. With your fingers all ready to go, have a look at some basic songs to play along to, or try your hand at the next level on the Ninja Anthem.

You can also check the requirements for the next ninja grade or visit the ninja shop for some of our awesome clothing and merchandise.

Want some inspiration

If you want to some inspiration, Check out Rory’s YouTube Channel here. All of the techniques he uses are developed through these finger warm ups and scales. Therefore they are well worth attacking often.

Strap related guitar courses are currently being updated - Please revisit soon

The Grading syllabus is being adapted and improved. Once the details have all been ironed out, the new guitar courses will be made available. The courses will include written text, Video lessons, diagrams, photos and more. Therefore you can learn no matter what your personal learning styles are. – Due to be launched by mid 2020.

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