Finger Warm ups

Click on your current strap colour and have a go at our finger warm ups. Each warm up has some notes to help you get the most out of the exercise.

To get the best out of this finger warm up, we want to ensure we use every finger. so for the blocks of four notes, we should use all four fingers.

Once you have this down you can continue to develop your dexterity by trying to keep keep your previous fingers down as much as possible. for instance notes 6-9 on here are perfect for this. play the second fret with you index finger, 3rd fret with your middle finger, 4th fret with your ring finger and 5th fret with your little finger without removing any of the previous notes in this run.

TIP: if you struggle to get the little finger down when keeping the other notes in place, make sure you thumb position is low on the back of the neck and then bring your elbow into your side, this should help the hand rotate.

Free Guitar Lesson - Finger Twister

Note: Each section is not a bar of music but is instead an easy way to break it into sections for practicing.

For each section of this finger warm up you should keep your hand in a fixed position to ensure you use all fingers and get a great stretch. Once you have this down, its time to add speed. This is all about how fast you can manage it.


The main focus in this warm up, is getting you used to skipping out strings when picking notes. So focus on picking the correct string each time.

It’s time to take the string skipping to a new level. This is the A minor scale but jumping down two strings and then back up one. again start slow and ensure you get it right, then we can speed it up.

How fast can you go?


An arpeggio is a run a notes that fit within a chord. This is an A Major chord arpeggio and a C minor chord arpeggio. Getting used to these shapes now will help you in later grades when we start sweep picking.

Each arched line above the notes is there to show you that you only pick the first note and the other notes are name by hammer ons or pull offs. This collection has both so pay attention to if the notes are running up or down.

TIP: get all three notes in place before playing the first note, this will help you see if it is a hammer on or pull off and help you choose the right finger to start with.

Once again we are using the A minor scale, but this time we have hammer ons, slides, and pull offs. This is not designed to be easy, but once you get it, this can be amazingly fast!

You may think you have done this warm up already, but note the change of middle finger on each line! this is Locrian not minor, and that means a nastier sound and a more difficult finger selection.

Try not to get your ring finger in the way


Sweeping time, remember you plectrum angles, remember to pass beyond the strings and remember to use your hammer on to change direction without a pause.

Ninja Lessons

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