The Guitar Ninja Anthem

The Guitar Ninja Anthem is our own signature song. It was written to give each grade something familiar to work on and to help show the different grade levels. Please click on your current grade below to see the TAB and information for that grade.

The White strap section comes in right from the beginning and continues the same for the entire song AKA 6 full repetitions.

After one repetition of the white strap we join in. The first line is played through 3 times and then we play the second line 2 times.
(the last line of the entire song we finish without playing the last 3 notes)

We start the orange section at the third line. (after the white have played a line, then the white and yellow have played a line)

Note that the first note comes in at the same time as the second beat and not after it like the higher strap sections.

Note how there are now a good number of slides and a bend.

Once you have completed this section, we then join the yellow straps in playing 8th notes.

We come in on the 5th line. (white play the first line, White and yellow play the second line, Orange play lead on top for another two lines and then Green starts)

Note how we now have hammer on, pull off and bend notes.

This is effectively the octave jumps of the Green strap section. This is the final line of music.

The last two bars are only possible on Electric guitars with 22 frets.

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