The Guitar Ninja's Coloured Strap Grading System

We thought it was about time for guitar progression to became more fun! None of this 1,2,3 rubbish, instead we follow the martial arts as any good ninja would. We grade through coloured strap guitar grades from the lighter colours, to the darker ones, until we reach the almighty black strap. Therefore you can always see where you are and what you are working towards.

guitar ninja - guitar straps

For each of the guitar grades you must pass the four aspects of guitar playing.

  1. Knowledge (understanding music and the guitar)
  2. Ability to perform (at lower grades this is just to the sensei but later you will rock out to an audience)
  3. Techniques (These are things like bends and slide, things that make guitar more exciting and unique)
  4. Reading (This covered guitar TAB and chord graphs)

So how do I grade?

1) Book yourself in for lessons or a mock grade by contacting Rory on 07875656351

2) Check with your sensei/tutor that you are ready and book yourself a grade with them direct.

It’s as simple as that.  

The Grades

Each strap represents a new level of guitar in all four disciplines. Everything needed to grade is covered in lessons and in the clubs. Therefore you never need to worry. We also offer mock grades to ensure you know what you need to work on, if anything.

The White strap is an introduction grade. Every student has been able to pass this in just 3 lessons from never holding a guitar before. It is an easy grade and currently on £20 off! making it only £15 for members and £35 for non members.

All other straps are based on roughly 3 months to pass and cost £55 to non-members and £35 to members.

With all grades you will receive the what is shown in the pictures above relating to that grade covered in the cost of the grading. No extra fee. 

We regularly post pictures of our graded student up on our instagram account.

Check it out here: The Guitar Ninja Instagram