Guitar Lessons with a twist

Do you want to learn guitar but think it’ll take forever to get any good?

Have you tried to learn guitar and found it too hard?

Maybe you want to learn but you’re scared of the upfront cost of a guitar?

The Guitar Ninja has the answers. From one day crash courses that’ll teach you all the basics, to our unique coloured strap grading system modelled from the martial arts belt system, you will see clear and quick progression.

We also offer a guitar buy back scheme, so if you’re worried about buying a guitar and not sticking with it, you can buy one through us and as long as it is in good condition we will buy it back from you so it isn’t a waste of money sat in the corner.

With both group classes and private one to one session there is an option for every future rockstar.

The best place to learn guitar

There is no other place to learn guitar as quickly, easily and with as much fun as there is with The Guitar Ninja. Enjoy all of our unique experiences that are limited to The Guitar Ninja members only:

  • Learn to play a full song the easiest way possible in your first lesson
  • Learn as a group and be social with other like minded people
  • Show off your new skill with your coloured strap grades
  • Perform on a real stage with lights, sound systems, smoke machines and more!
  • Grow your confidence and learn performance techniques
  • Buy a guitar through us and if guitar isn’t for you we will buy it back from you.
  • Free welcome pack upon joining (including plectrum and practice book along side other things)

What are the common mistakes made when learning and how do we approach them?

People often try to jump in and start with learning a difficult song using full chords, they get frustrated with how hard it is and how long it takes to get control over their fingers and the frustration leads to them giving up.

People try to take steps that are too big in their development early on. The continuous struggle without a sense of achievement becomes too much and they give up or just feel frustrated and don’t enjoy learning or playing.

People see themselves as rubbish and don’t have a way to log their progression so don’t notice the important little steps they have made in the early days.

People rush over the basics and then struggle with the harder things as they have developed bad habits (this is even more common in those learning from online videos). This makes them feel that some things are impossible.

All of these are things we approach from a better angle to keep learning fun and engaging. You will be timed running though finger warm ups so that even if you don’t feel faster you can see your progression. You will learn a song using single notes and be able to play along to an entire song in your first ever session! And with our grades there is a clear path of progression that covers the basics in detail to help the harder things feel more natural when you get there. Plus you get regular senses of achievement by passing through to the next strap.

Don't take our word for it, Take thiers

In just our first year we have been trusted and supported by: Blackstar Amplification, The Prince’s Trust, The Northampton University, Semsup, Wenta, PMT  house of rock, Northampton Chronicle, Leighton Buzzard Observer and more.

Some of our past/current students have said:

Beginner Guitar Lessons - Blog

“I had never held a guitar before when I went to my first guitar club and I was pretty nervous but Rory calmed me down and was so patient explaining the basics a few times until they started to sink in and even though I was a complete beginner I’ve never felt out of place amongst the other members, everyone has so much fun and no matter what skill level learn something each time” – Elizabeth de Boer

“Rory is brilliant with my 2 sons.. they were doing a lesson together, but it was suggested to separate them.. this has worked much better. My eldest is doing great.. My youngest does the kids guitar club at The Duke now.. he’s better suited to this and enjoying it.. he wants to be a rock star!!” – Alice Reynolds

“Great teacher! Started taking lessons last April and I’ve enjoyed every one to one lesson I’ve had. Very knowledgeable and has broken down everything I’ve needed him to so that I understand fully. The grading system is very well structured and you always have something to aim for which is great. Highly recommend!!” – Nathan Gallagher

“” – Dale Parmenter 

How do I become a member?

Simply contact us and we will work together to find out what option works best for you.
(Clubs, Courses or Private lessons).

Phone/Text/WhatsApp: 07875656351

e-mail: lessons@theguitarninja.co.uk

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Teaching you all to be the best you can be.

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