Private Guitar Lessons in Leighton Buzzard

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Leighton Buzzard Guitar Lessons are hosted in The Myosteo Clinic on Cetus Crescent

Do you want to take your guitar playing to the next level? Imagine how it feels to be able to play what ever style of music you wanted, to make it up on the spot, and to play it with confidence. Let’s take that feeling and make it a reality.

Hey, I’m Rory and I specialise in taking guitarists and correcting their bad habits, filling in the gaps, teaching advanced guitar techniques including sweeping and tapping, applying music theory, teaching them Improvisation techniques, solo and song writing, breaking out of the pentatonic scales, mode theory and more.   

If you want to develop your playing or knowledge in any of these areas, visit our Contact us page or call/text us.


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Where and when are the Lessons?

Leighton Buzzard Guitar Lessons are held in the Myosteo Clinic in the residential planets estate, Leighton Buzzard Every Tuesday. The Guitar Lessons last for 40 minutes and cover a range of warm-ups, techniques and more. Private Lessons are £25 per session or you can save a bunch by becoming a member that costs £80 per month. Membership gives you 1 lesson every week and stays the same even if there is 5 weeks that month!


"Great and fun way to learn guitar worth every penny and you end up progressing so fast definitely worth checking out if you want to learn guitar"
Northampton guitar lessons - Testimonial
Dan Knight
"I had never held a guitar before when I went to my first guitar club and I was pretty nervous but Rory calmed me down and was so patient explaining the basics a few times until they started to sink in and even though I was a complete beginner I've never felt out of place amongst the other members, everyone has so much fun and no matter what skill level learn something each time. I've also never been made to feel bad for practicing between clubs, although maybe that's not a good thing :-D!"
Elizabeth de Boer
"Great teacher! Started taking lessons last April and I've enjoyed every one to one lesson I've had. Very knowledgeable and has broken down everything I've needed him to so that I understand fully. The grading system is very well structured and you always have something to aim for which is great. Highly recommend!!"
Nathan Gallagher
"Great concept, great teacher, highly recommended. go for the free trial, nothing to lose, and you will go back."
Leighton Buzzard Guitar Lessons - Club testimonial
Joseph Wheeler
father of student