Here is a list of testimonials as given by students and parents of students in 2019 and 2020. to find out more about what services are offered check out the home page. All of these reviews were left on sites such as Google and Facebook and can be checked that they are real reviews left by real people.

"Rorz is a excellent teacher. He started teaching my (then) 6 year old son a year ago and I started having lessons with him a few months ago. His ability and subject knowledge are fantastic, and he's able to relate it to helping me achieve my goals. Thoroughly recommend the Guitar Ninja to anyone looking to learn."
Michael Brinkley
"I had never held a guitar before when I went to my first guitar club and I was pretty nervous but Rory calmed me down and was so patient explaining the basics a few times until they started to sink in and even though I was a complete beginner I've never felt out of place amongst the other members, everyone has so much fun and no matter what skill level learn something each time. I've also never been made to feel bad for practicing between clubs, although maybe that's not a good thing :-D!"
Elizabeth de Boer
"Great and fun way to learn guitar worth every penny and you end up progressing so fast definitely worth checking out if you want to learn guitar"
Northampton guitar lessons - Testimonial
Dan Knight
"Great concept, great teacher, highly recommended. go for the free trial, nothing to lose, and you will go back."
Leighton Buzzard Guitar Lessons - Club testimonial
Joseph Wheeler
father of student
"Great teacher! Started taking lessons last April and I've enjoyed every one to one lesson I've had. Very knowledgeable and has broken down everything I've needed him to so that I understand fully. The grading system is very well structured and you always have something to aim for which is great. Highly recommend!!"
Nathan Gallagher
"Rory is an amazing teacher and he has really helped my playing as well as my music theory, his grading system give all his students an incentive to practice and enjoy their instrument. Being part of the Guitar Ninja community has led me to meet like minded people that share a huge interest in guitars. 5 stars, no doubt"
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Sebastian Jolly
"I have learnt a lot over the past year of being a part of the guitar ninja family. Rory is a great teacher and is very inspirational. He has taught me a lot about music techniques and the business side of being a successful musician."
Kirk Jolly
"Rory's passion and enthusiasm has proven just what I need to climb out of the guitar rut I've been stuck in for years! Guitar ninja is a theory geek and explains things clearly with practical application during the sessions. This has helped develop my song writing and push the basics into a new direction that I'm excited to work with. I am now growing the confidence to experiment and record my own original music! I highly recommend the Guitar Ninja session."
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Benjamin Anderson
"Rory is an amazing guitar teacher. I have been along to clubs both Leighton Buzzard and Northampton, to help out, everyone at them gets involved and goes away learning something knew. I personally have picked up a lot of theory (I don’t play guitar) and can even play a few chords. Rory has so much passion for guitar and helping people, which I think helps his students learn. I would definitely recommend Rory as a guitar teacher for anyone who is interested in improving their guitar skills or just improving their music theory. Rory is fantastic at both. Rory is also very good at transferring information from guitars to bass and ukulele if they are more your interest."
Teri-Leigh Chapman
"If I needed a guitar teacher, Rory (The Guitar Ninja) would be one of my first choices. I've been teaching guitar myself for 30 years, and in all that time, Rory is one of very few tutors i've met who share my own philosophies on how to give students the best start on their guitar-playing journeys."
Micheal Davenport
Galleria Guitars
"I met Rory at a Guitar show in Northampton with my son Tom. I’d heard about Guitar Ninja and the concept of different colour strap gradings and I though it was a terrific idea. My son started playing Bass Guitar three months ago after discovering The Beatles and his progression has been rapid and he has already attained 2 straps White and Yellow. His progress is a result to his own enthusiasm and Rory’s passion for teaching. He really enjoys his lessons and always comes away with a new technique to learn. His fellow students are all adults which has added to his confidence as they have all been very kind and encouraging to him. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rory and Guitar Ninja to any parent who is looking for guitar lessons for their child. "
Colin Drury
Father of Student
"The Guitar Ninja is a fantastic concept. Being one of Rory’s older if not oldest student it’s very easy to feel isolated while you’re learning because you don’t necessarily have a peer group with the same interest. The clubs overcome this and feel like a community, everyone no matter what age is there to support. Rory is a superb teacher with passion and knowledge. I’ve been a member about 3 months now and can honestly say I look forward to every class. I’m never going to be a Beck, Clapton or Gilmore but even in this short time have improved. Give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain."
Eric Palfeman
"A fantastic teacher. My son loves going for his lessons and had made fantastic progress. Would definitely recommend to anyone"
Christina Winfield
Mother of Student
"After a few years of guitar lessons at school, and a couple of boring, stuck in their ways guitar teachers, it was time to look for a new guitar teacher for *my son*. He needed someone to challenge him and keep his love for rock and heavy metal alive. Luckily during my search, I met Rory (The Guitar Ninja) at the Northampton guitar show. That was a year ago now, and Rory has been teaching *him* ever since. Not only does he teach him how to play guitar, but also the music theory and all about the guitar itself. He provides a fabulous grading system that shows progression which is built around the marshall arts belt grading, where the trainee ninjas get a coloured strap and pick. The day *my son* gained his coloured strap, he actually said that he was proud of himself for the first time ever. This of course made my heart melt!! From the moment I met Rory, I knew I had chosen the right teacher for my boy. It was obvious he had the passion, drive and sense of knowledge that I was looking for. He related well with *my son*, and we had a good conversation about Dimebag, which obviously sealed the deal for me. *I wanted to say Thank you to Rory for helping my boy believe in himself xxx"
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Shirley Hawkins
Mother of Student
"I would highly recommend The Guitar Ninja lessons. My son really enjoys them & has learnt so much from these lessons. I love listening to him practising on his guitar "
Gill Hayman
Mother of Student
"Excellent guitar tutor"
Dale Parmenter
"My son attends both 1:1 sessions and the Leighton Buzzard club. I am amazed at the speed he has picked it up, Rory’s approach to teaching has inspired him to continue to learn with rory teaching them a basic song from the very first session giving him a big sense of achievement. Rory manages to teach a range of abilities at the same time ensuring each child has an individual approach that is suited to their level while engaging them to play as a group. Would highly recommend both 1:1s and the club for all abilities"
Naome Ayles
Mother of Student
"Excellent guitar tutor my partner is so pleased with his tuition"
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Nicolette Knight
"Rory is brilliant with my 2 sons.. they were doing a lesson together, but it was suggested to separate them.. this has worked much better. My eldest is doing great.. My youngest does the kids guitar club at The Duke now.. he's better suited to this and enjoying it.. he wants to be a rock star!!"
Alice Reynolds
Mother of Student
5 stars on Google
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Lee Malone
5 stars on Google
James Dempsey