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Become a real Ninja at the guitar by grading through our coloured strap system!

Based on the Japanese grading systems of coloured belts, you can see clear progression as you progress through the coloured guitar straps and become a black strap on the guitar!

The colours are ordered as follows:

  • Grey  (Ungraded – No experience with guitar whatsoever)
  • White Strap
  • Yellow Strap
  • Orange Strap
  • Green Strap
  • Blue Strap
  • Purple Strap
  • Brown Strap
  • Black Strap

And yes there is still plenty of learning and developing to be done after the black strap!

The official Guitar Ninja straps require an actual grading to be completed with a trained Sensei. 

You can book your gradings during your lesson times. Or plan a grading time slot between your club sessions.

Each Grade Explained

Grey strap

Grey is an automatic grade you have when you first consider learning to play the guitar. This doesn’t have an official strap but shows that you have joined the world of The Guitar Ninja.

White Strap

White strap signifies that you have learned the basics to a level when you can play some single notes with clarity and precision. You know some of the basic parts and have proven an interest in learning and developing your skills.

Yellow Strap

Yellow strap signifies that you have taken your learning to the next stage and started to cover 2 note chords, full songs, basic timing and a deeper understanding of the guitar and music.

Orange Strap

Orange strap signifies that you have taken your 2 note chords to the level of completing songs with them, grown a deeper understanding of music theory and are ready to take on the next step.

Green Strap

Green strap signifies that you have taken on full regular chords covering 4, 5, and 6 strings and can apply these to a full song. Your understanding of music and the guitar is to a level you could play rhythm guitar in a band or to accompany your own singing. You have also learned the basics to writing and improvising your own music.

Blue Strap

Blue strap signifies that you can now perform all basic lead techniques and have started to make progress into the intermediate lead techniques. Able to recognise different keys of music and play a wider style of music. You are now over half way to the black strap!

Purple Strap

Purple strap signifies that you are now ready to perform live on stage. You have progressed your playing confidence to look away from the guitar, interact with an audience and move around the stage while playing. 

Brown Strap

Brown strap signifies that you are able to write your own music, have a great rounded knowledge of music, you’re able to play a guitar solo and can master all intermediate lead techniques

Black Strap

Black strap signifies that you can write both happy and sad sounding songs, perform solos, understand a range of music theory and have a good grasp of a wide range of playing techniques and songs. It signifies that you have learned all the basics required to now specialise in the area of music you want to focus on. This is not the end of the journey, but you have passed the initial training, and the journey to guitar mastery can now begin!

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