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Private Lessons

Learn to play the guitar with one to one lessons with The Guitar Ninja. On Skype or face to face.

From brand new beginner to advanced shredder, I specialise in teaching the understanding and techniques to be an original creative guitar player. 

Lessons run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday (With clubs on the other days). The lessons last 40 mins and can be done face to face form my home studio in Northampton or over skype from anywhere in the world. 

Book a session now: call 07875656351


Lessons are £30 each or £99 per month to be a member.


Membership gives you a lesson in a fixed time slot every week. The monthly figure stays the same even if there are 5 weeks that month and are based around 42 lesson a year. This way you know what is going out each month no matter what and can budget accordingly.

Membership also gives you premium access to The Guitar Ninja Academy, 10% off shop items, Money off gradings and more benefits.

How the lessons work:

All you need to bring is your guitar and a plectrum (and a face mask during covid), with exercise books available, and everything else you need available in the lesson. Lessons will start by seeing what level you are currently at and then making a plan for your lessons based on your personal goals, style and current abilities. 

For those that have been playing for a while I will also break things down and check that you haven’t got into bad habits or missed some of the basics by jumping past them. This is to make sure all guitar ninjas are all rounded, and the best guitarists they can be!

Lesson Location:

Lessons can run over skype from anywhere, however for face to face session you will need to come to the home studio at 9 Mallard Close, West Hunsbury, Northampton, NN4 9UR

Book a session now: call 07875656351

What you need:

All you need is a guitar, we have everything you need at our clubs. During Covid however we ask all members and visitors to wear a mask (even if under the required age for a mask). We have hand sanitiser and it is required that everyone uses this when entering the room. 

At the clubs we also have a shop with exercise books, guitar strings, jack leads, plectrums and more, all products are trusted brands that I use myself. Members also get a 10% discount on listed prices as well.

The Teacher:

I’m Rory Price (The Guitar Ninja) I have been teaching guitar for over 16 years. I have a Fully Enhanced DBS (used to be CRB), Public liability insurance and run The Guitar Ninja full time.

I have been in bands for many years and toured locally around the UK. I have a huge passion for playing music, writing and improvising. It doesn’t matter what mood i’m in, there is a style of music to fit that I can just jam and improvise along to without needing to learn hundreds of songs. I want to share this passion and freedom with others.

Music is a creative art so why copy others? You don’t ask a painter to paint a copy of something, you ask them to do something original, so why are musicians always learning other people’s songs and not the fundamentals needed to write and create for themselves? I believe we should be ourselves and be original in our approach to music. Learn some of our favourite riffs for sure, we can learn a lot of techniques and develop speed from these, but experiment with finding our own sounds and styles as well.

Book a session now: call 07875656351


Q What do I need to bring with me?
A All you need is your guitar and a plectrum if you have one. I have everything else you will need.

Q How does the membership work?
A memberships are paid by direct debit each month. They cost quite a bit less than paying per session. And are based on 42 sessions a year. So your payments are consistent throughout the year even if the month have 5 club days or i am away/ill for a week here and there. Memberships also include access to the premium side of The Guitar Ninja Academy and 10% off all shop products along with some other benefits that come and go.

Q Do I need my own guitar?
A Yes! I have worked with offering spares at the clubs before, but without a guitar to practice/play between sessions you will not make any progress. 

Q Do I need to be able to play already?
A No. Brand new beginners are welcome and I have developed an amazing method to get new beginners feeling great about their playing and seeing progress in as little 1-3 lessons. This includes playing along to The Ninja Anthem with the music and being ankle to read guitar tabs.

Q Do you teach advanced lesson
A Yes, I love teaching the more advanced and challenging aspects of the guitar, from sweep picking, finger tapping, pinch harmonics and other techniques, to mode theory, chord building theory and more. 

Q How do I join?
A The quickest way is to give me a call or a message on 07875656351, if I am busy please leave a message as I will listen to it and get back to you (I know right? I actually listen to voicemails!)

Book a session now: call 07875656351